Defence Lab was born as a dream and has become a global network of martial arts, fitness and self-defence training facilities. Launched in 2012, today it is a global brand that addresses martial arts from a fresh, creative and innovative perspective.

We develop exclusive self-defence techniques through the study and research of human instinct and the real situations experienced in everyday life. In this way, we develop evolved urban martial arts methodologies.

Our system is accessible to everyone. We’ve been working for many years to bring martial arts to anyone who wants to learn them: with our online programs you can study whenever and wherever you want at a low price that you’ll be able to afford.

The main reason of Defence Lab was to turn our passion into the work of our dreams. We not only want to teach you to be a martial arts expert, we also want to give you the opportunity to live as you’ve always wanted – turn your hobby into a career.


In Defence Lab we have a solid and concise philosophy: “We study violence so as to escape it, prevent it, and if all else fails, utilize ourselves to survive”.


Serve as a link between all martial arts and be the reference martial art for self-defence.


Take Defence Lab to the highest level, to reach all possible people and create a better and safer environment in our world.


Our values are motivation, passion, creativity, security, curiosity, overcoming, growth, discipline and instinct.


Defence Lab offers a range of dynamic and effective self-defence programs. Our combat systems are based on real experiences, so it’s a methodology that continuously evolves to adjust to the urban environment.

From the study of everything that surrounds the human being, both physically and mentally, we create programs that stimulate self-knowledge and teach martial arts and self-defence in a fun, intuitive and effective way.

Since we created Defence Lab, we live in a constant search for perfection. We are thorough while observing and researching, we devise creative solutions for problems in the real environment and test them until we get our desired results. With all this information we create the best learning methodologies.

Our programs won’t discover the absolute truth, you’ll learn to ask your own questions and explore until you find your own answers. No one can tell you the limits of your life, only you can discover and overcome them.



Andy Norman is the founder and leader of Defence Lab. His nonconformity and irreverence towards everything established has made him the charismatic person and figure we know today.

He doesn’t believe in comfort zones, since there can be nothing more uncomfortable than complying with what’s considered normal and safe. The future belongs to those who think they can go beyond what everyone’s doing.

But Defence Lab is not a small organisation, it’s an ambitious project that cannot be directed by a single person. That’s why Andy needed an elite trusted team. Grek Fenollosa, co-founder and director of Defence Lab has become, after many years of hard work, Andy’s right hand man.
Together, they form the perfect team to represent and develop DL.

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