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I remember when I was a teenager and having to take the yearly visit to the careers advisor.

I told her I liked sports and so the usual printouts came through.

Be a Sports coach, a physio or a PE Teacher.

There was no chance that ‘become a self-defence instructor’ would feature on that list.

Move forward to 2018, and being a self-defence instructor is not only a valid career option but also in this modern era, potentially very lucrative.

And in this article, I will explain why being a self-defence instructor is one of the best jobs in the world.

Make Your Own Hours

People hate Monday mornings.

Yes, they really do.

They hate them because they once again enter the rat race.

This is how the day goes for many people I know.

6 AM: Alarm goes off.
7.30 AM: The kids need to be at the breakfast club.
7.45 AM: The commute to work in heavy traffic.
8.30 AM: Get to work, find a car parking space and get to your desk ready to start for 9 AM
5 PM: Finish work
6 PM: Having sat in traffic again the kids are picked up from the after school club
7 PM: Sit down for the evening meal
8 PM: Sort the kid’s stuff for tomorrow and have a shower + help with kids homework.
9.30pm sit down and relax
11 PM bedtime…….

This is why people hate Mondays because they know that the next 5 days are going to just like that.

Self-defence instructors tend to make their own hours.

Yes, a lot of those hours are worked in the evening but most are back home for 10 pm at the very latest and the day is spent organising their marketing, going to the gym, paying bills and getting their lesson plans sorted.

That is a far cry from the rat race that most people endure.

Your Income Is Limited Only By Your Ability

How many times do you hear people talking about ‘not getting the job’ they wanted because of the interview?

Or being passed over for promotion because their face didn’t fit?

It happens a lot.

Well, when you start to teach self-defence, your earnings are limited by your own ability.

Because you can become better at sales, at marketing and of course at teaching.

Word spreads, and so does your income.

You are your own boss!

You Help People To Stay Safe

This is the critical part of your job; you help people to stay safe.

Stop anyone in the street and asked them this question:

“How would you feel if you had just discovered that your (insert chosen loved one) had been attacked?”

Most would say things like “I would have my heart in my mouth.”


“I would feel sick to my stomach.”

Yes, being attacked affects the fabric of peoples lives and that is just people that know you.

If you were to stop people and ask them:

“How would you feel if someone attacked you?”

Most would answer that they would feel scared for their life, unsure what to do next and unprepared.

Everyone recognises that the thought of being attacked is terrifying and the thought of someone attacking a loved one is sickening.

And that is what you solve for people.

You help people to stay safe and so those feelings never happen.

You help people to get home safe to their loved ones, and there is no job more important!

It Is More Than The Ability To Fight Back, You Give Students Confidence

If you speak to any Martial Arts or Self-Defence Coach they will tell you the same thing.

They see students change before their very eyes.

Yes, people lose weight and develop great skills.

But much more than this, they change internally.

They grow in confidence and stature.

They are now able to take on life and win.

They apply for that job promotion; they are able to stand up for themselves and ask for that raise.

Self-defence changes people; it inspires them to be greater because they discover that they aren’t weak.

They learn that they aren’t fragile.

And this changes them at their core, and the effect on their life is plain to see by all around them.

The ability to protect yourself is a primal activity and as we evolved this ability was used far less.

So when you regain this ability, it shows up in numerous areas of your life.

In essence, you become a fighter!

Don’t Just Take My Word Listen To What An Instructor Says

Tahir Ahmad is the multiple time franchise of the year winner for Defence Lab.

He runs a thriving self-defence business, and I asked him why he loves teaching self-defence, this is what he said:

“Being a Defence Lab Instructor has given me the opportunity to make a successful career from doing what I love doing, my passion.

It has also given me opportunities and a life which not many people receive and for this honour and blessing I am truly grateful.”

Tahir loves what he does.

He earns a great living teaching people to stay safe and reach their potential.

So, if you are already teaching self-defence, we salute you.

But if not, perhaps this thriving career could be right for you.

And Defence Lab offers a great opportunity (along with training) for you to jump into this incredible business.

Thanks for reading

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