Defence Lab has grown tremendously in recent years. It began as a project full of aspirations and dreams but today, after years of hard work, it has become a global name that is constantly growing around the world. We want our family to grow, creating leaders to teach and help people of all ages.

We are creating a strong network of instructors. For this mission, we look for the best: People who are committed, who enjoy teamwork, daring to face all kinds of challenges, with a passion for martial arts and with the deep need to fulfil their potential. Defence Lab is not just a martial art, it’s a life project.


Your way to turn your passion into your way of life starts here.


Are you a lover of martial arts and self-defence? Our international network of instructors grows day by day and, if all our instructors have something in common, it’s the need to break with the established and fulfil their biggest passions, their way of life.

With Defence Lab, success multiplies. We aim to make martial arts accessible to everyone, so our training reaches audiences with all kinds of experience and ages.

We create programs that are easy to learn and teach, fun, effective and safe. These programs are specially designed to teach large groups, with different abilities and levels. We guarantee the success of our programs by teaching you step by step on both the physical training and the business training. Not only will you study the program with us, you will learn how to teach your students and become an excellent coach. We’ll provide you with all the support and tools necessary to achieve your goals and we’ll help you through your journey to success.


We have created a new approach to the DL Instructor Membership which is based entirely on your needs. Now we offer 3 different ways to join us, each way is designed and based on each stage of a Defence Lab instructor journey.

Basic Instructor: This pack has been designed for level 1 instructors and consists of basic membership that, as you already know, will allow you to self-test yourself. You’ll also have placement on the official Defence Lab website map as well as the DL Instructor logo.

Advanced Instructor: A pack designed for level 2 instructors. Not only does it include all the benefits of the previous pack , but also prominent placement on our map listing, a basic corporate website, basic stationery materials (business card, initial flyer and promotional posters) and your corporate email with corporate signature.

School & Labs: We have created an exclusive option which we consider to be the most complete pack for franchisees and schools. This gives you a prominent position within Defence Lab. Some benefits which have not already been mentioned include school director membership, the custom Lab logo, an advanced corporate website, very prominent placement on our map listing, corporate social media, business support, material and personalised ads campaigns.


1. Explore our programs and choose which one suits you best.

We have a wide range of programs suitable for anyone of any age or skill level, what will be your ideal program?

2. Sign up for our online instructor platform

Join our team and discover, from the outset, the power of being part of something big.

3. Start training now

Start training and learn everything we have learned after many years of research, work and experience.

4. Specialize as an instructor.

We reveal the secret of the success of Defence Lab: Learn how to be the best instructor for your students.

5. Certify

Pass all the necessary criteria you can become an instructor. Then you’ll be prepared to transmit your learning to the students.

6. Get your first students

We teach you everything you need to open and manage a profitable and successful business. You’ll appear on our map of instructors, so students can easily find you in your area.

7. Start living from your passion

Let us help you build a successful school so you can live doing something that you enjoy every day.

8. Don’t stop evolving

As you know, Defence Lab is not a static methodology, if you are part of our family it’s important that you keep evolving through learning.

9. Complement your studies with other programs.

Do you just settle for what you have learned so far or do you want to get to the next level? Perhaps the time has come to expand your knowledge.

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