One of the main objectives of Defence Lab has always been to universalize martial arts. We want our knowledge to travel the world, and the best way to grow while keeping our essence intact, is to build a solid and collaborative franchise network. Therefore, we are looking for people who feel a true passion for Defence Lab and who are willing to show their total commitment to us and the rest of the franchisees.

To achieve our goals, we need to have partners who are willing to be part of a community where discipline, respect and commitment reign. In Defence Lab we know that there’s nothing more important than teamwork, the place we are today is the result of all the efforts made since the beginning to create a community of enthusiastic franchisees.


We work every day to bring the franchise model to all possible countries, for now, we can offer you this opportunity in the UK, Spain and India.


We want to share our success with you and share Defence Lab in every corner of the world. We offer you an exciting opportunity to join and grow with us in an industry with great growth potential.

Be proud to be part of our global network of franchisees, only people who really demonstrate their determination, perseverance and motivation to achieve their goals become part of the elite Defence Lab.

You have the opportunity to create your own business, with a proven and effective method to achieve financial success. We teach you all the strategic keys of each area of the business, we strive and work hard to make everything much easier for you: training programs, business, student management, marketing and retention techniques, analysis of results … You only need to receive the training and get to work.


We continue to evolve every day in order to offer you the highest quality service. Your success is part of ours, and because of this we have improved School & Labs Membership benefits. These include new tools that will help you reach the top in the Defence Lab world. Not only do we believe this is the most complete option to create your business with us, but it also gives
you great peace of mind so that you can concentrate on taking care of your students and instructors.

Some of the many benefits are the following: school director membership, the custom Lab logo, an advanced corporate website, a very prominent placement on our website map, corporate stationery (business card, flyer and initial promotional signage ), corporate email with personalized signature, corporate social media, business support, POS advertising material and personalized ads  campaigns.


1. Proven Success Model

We provide you with our business model, developed, tested and proven strategies. We know that it’s a plan that works, if you follow our guidelines, you’ll find success.

2. Brand recognition

Defence Lab is a positioned brand with a solid reputation. We’ve strived to become a global reference and, now, we offer you the strenght of our brand to grow your business.

3. Global network

You will belong to a group of like-minded people in the Defence Lab franchise and, like a collective brain you can take advantage of all their support, help and experience and don’t feel alone in this new adventure.

4. Continuous Training

We constantly update each of the areas of Defence Lab and we will educate you so that you can implement all the improvements in your business straight away.

5. We simplify your efforts

You will have access to our simple and intuitive business management platform. Time is money, so we want to maximize your administrative efforts.

6. Full support for our franchises

You will have the support of the Defence Lab team and we’ll be by your side throughout the course of your business to solve the queries and problems that might appear along the way.

7. Corporate Image

We provide you with the professional corporate image that we have designed and worked on for years, again saving you time, effort and stress.

8. Marketing that works

In Defence Lab, everything is checked before being offered to our franchisees, including advertising and marketing strategies. We put at your fingertips the perfect strategies to get new customers and grow your business.

9. Your students, your best ambassadors

In addition to learning how to get students and how to teach them, you’ll learn to keep them: By offering high quality services and trust, your students won’t leave you. A happy customer is the best advertising.

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