For many, there is a dream, and that dream is to become a full-time Martial Arts instructor.

There is something magical about teaching Martial Arts.

The act of helping a person to become more confident, fitter and of course learning how to protect themselves is a gift.

So why are so few Martial Arts instructors teaching full time, and if they do they either have few students or most of their students are under the age of 10?

The answer lies in something that most ignore and in this article we are going to explore the barriers to teaching Martial Arts full time and how to overcome them.


It Is In Your Mind

There are thousands of people who teach martial arts for less than the price of a kebab.

Let’s think about that in detail.

The food enjoyed by thousands of people each week that comes in a polystyrene carton and served with a plastic fork is worth more than the Martial Arts knowledge that has taken you years to acquire.

It doesn’t make sense, does it?

And that is the first hurdle.

Almost every Martial Artist undervalues themselves and this is the core issue when it comes to Martial Arts.

I was with Andy Norman last year at a Defence Lab event.

Afterwards, we all went for a curry.

It was a great meal, and afterwards, we all paid and left.

Did one person shout ‘we’ve been ripped off.’

Or ‘that curry was not worth it’.

No, we ate, paid and left.

Because the meal cost what the meal cost.

We all accepted that before we even sat down.

The restaurant charged a price they felt their food was worth and a price that allowed them to make a profit.

But in the Martial Arts community, we have mental barriers about our self-worth. Try walking into a Yoga studio and offering £3 for an hour.

It ain’t gonna to happen.

But just exactly why does Yoga cost more than Martial Arts?

In fact, a Yoga class can cost on average between £6 and £10. Almost double what most Martial Arts instructors charge per class.


The Yoga instructors have set a price. If you want to do Yoga, this is what it costs.

In the Martial Arts, we have said ‘can you afford to pay this much? Please’

The mindset is very different.

And why stop at Yoga.

Music lessons, Dance lessons, cookery lessons, art lessons and many more have all set a price.

If you want to learn, this is what it costs

In Martial Arts, the instructors almost feel embarrassed to ask for money, and what is worse the industry shames those who make money.

“they must be a sell-out”, “I didn’t get into Martial Arts for money.”

The truth is, Martial Arts are a gift. And gifts cost money.


The Hierarchy Of An Instructors Needs

The instructor’s priority is to himself and his family.

This is the first thing we must establish. You have rent to pay, food to pay for, heating bills to pay and of course clothing to buy.

This is our priority.

You need to meet this need first.

Some things that don’t meet that priority:

The student who went out that weekend and drank too much and spent their training fee.

The student’s pet insurance bill was too high, so they couldn’t afford to pay.

The tattoo they just got was more than they thought.

They forgot to draw the money out.

They…..and so on.

And so, another reason Martial Arts instructors fail to teach full time is that students fail to pay them.

You need money to pay yourself, your rent, your insurance, your website costs, your leaflet costs, your advertisement costs and more.

If you don’t get paid, you can’t grow.

So payment structure is another key issue that holds people back from reaching a full-time career in the Martial Arts.


A Lack of Systems

You teach you made up version of self-defence or Combatives.

You might teach a Hybrid system of Kung Fu and Karate.

Why? Because you feel that this style is your own, you created it and it is a mixture of all you know.

The issue is that to anyone you have to make two sales.

Firstly you are selling yourself as an instructor, and secondly, you are selling the product you created.

Yes, like it or not your Martial Arts system is a product.

Now think of this another way, you are out buying a new car.

At the showroom you have a choice, you can buy a new BMW. A make you have heard of before, a brand you trust, and a manufacturer you are sure is excellent.

And next to it there is another car.

You have never heard of the make. You can’t find much about it on Google, and it is only slightly cheaper than the BMW.

Which would you buy?

You are car people don’t know much about.

It doesn’t matter if we like this or not, but brand matters. We buy from those we know, like and trust and the brand you have dictates a lot of this.

If you make up your own Martial Arts system, you are swimming upstream.

You have to build a brand from scratch, and this takes time, it takes effort, and often it takes years.


The Solution

What if we said that the barriers to teaching Martial Arts full time could be destroyed?

What if you could undergo business training that made you more confident about your services?

What if you could use a payment system that took the hassle away from you?

What if you could be supported by a brand that is backed by Liam Neeson?

What if you could teach a system of self-defence used by the British Police?

What of you could have this for less than the cost of a meal at a restaurant?

Well, you can, with the new Defence Lab instructors pricing model.

A pricing system that will change the way you teach self-defence and also help you to build the business of your dreams.


What next?

Watch these 3 video below: they could change your life!

Then click here to start your journey.






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