“Join Defence Lab and enjoy all the advantages of your Membership.”

To become an official member of Defence Lab it’s essential to purchase your annual Defence Lab license, you’ll need it to be certified in each grade of the program you choose.

We want to help you in your first steps in Defence Lab, so we will give you the first DL DNA Student and DL THAI Student grade for free. You’ll also receive the official Member ID Card that will provide you with a 10% discount on official DL merchandise.

As you know, we evolve day by day to improve each of the areas of Defence Lab, including our Membership! We have been working on a new benefits package for our official members and reaching agreements with different companies to offer you exclusive promotions. Stay tuned for the news that we’ll bring you soon!


How does the grade system work?
The Defence Lab grade system works in a similar way to other martial arts but, instead of belts, we show the rank in the form of bracelets, starting from white to black belt (16 grades in total). Each of our programs is divided into 4 years and, each year is structured in 4 quarters. At the end of each quarter, if you pass the exam, you will get a new grade.

Is DL Membership mandatory to study with Defence Lab?
You can study any of our programs without getting certified. However, it’s necessary to be able to take the exams so you can obtain the grade and certify your training with Defence Lab.

What do I get with my DL Membership?
Digital DL ID Card
DL Student membership certificate
10% discount on official DL Merchandise
Online access to the White Grade of the DL DNA Student Curriculum
Online access to the White Grade of DL THAI Student Curriculum

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