Wrist Locks In Self-Defence: Do They Work?

The wrist is a funny part of the body. It is what connects the hand to the arm, and because we put our hands out when we fall, a wrist is easily broken or sprained. The wrist plays a crucial roll in punching and grappling because it allows for the delivery of a strong...

Why We Need To Reduce Hate In Martial Arts

  Martial Arts Toxicity is a problem that has soured in recent years. Once upon a time, toxicity in Martial Arts only was possible via letters in magazines of which the editors filtered out extreme negativity, then it was done in forums, and finally, social media...

Is Defence Lab Better Than Boxing?

One of the questions I get asked is this, ‘Is Defence Lab better than boxing, Kickboxing or Thai Boxing?” And in this article, I am giving you the answer. Ready? Let’s do this. Boxing Is Tough The first thing we need to get out of the way is this;...

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